Juana La Iguana App

The Juana La Iguana app is a winner of the Parents' Choice Recommended Award. A children's app in Spanish, which makes it fun to learn about the farm, fruits and vegetables and farm animals in a different language.

The app was designed to encourage children to play, dance and learn Spanish while also achieving goals, and instilling in kids the motto that everything is possible if you try it with passion.

Upon launch, Juana La Iguana app was featured in the Apple App Store throughout Latin America. 


The Juana Team

Michelle Ouellette

Lead Illustrator

Lead the illustration and animation work behind the vision of the new brand of Juana La iguana, while helping our team form the story or message of the product. 

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Rey Hernandez


Led the dev initiative needed to create our iOS app for iPad and all mobile sizes.  Implemented critical features for the application based on the architecture of the projects.

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Justo Garcia

Senior Product Design

Drove creative initiative of strategy and concept of the new Juana La Iguana app. Managed illustrator and contributed to the day to day design necessity of setting up assets and creating animation for the game. Also prepared all assets to launch multiple mobile size games. 

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Our main challenge was to take an existing brand from the 80s and revive the character (Juana La Iguana) into a modern role model for children who use mobile devices to play and learn. 

As a team, Some of our main goals were to:

1. Rebrand Juana La Iguana and make her digital
2. Conceptualize a digital world of Juana
3. Create a game mechanics where kids could learn
4. Build a scalable app that could grow into more games
5. Make all products in Spanish, for all audiences
5. Design for iPads and iPhones



As a small team, we spent about three full weeks in ideation mode. Mainly brainstorming ideas, studying other games and conceptualizing what Juana La Iguana could be. 

We spent an enormous amount of time prototyping on paper, which helped us test ideas every day and pivot based on internal feedback and validation. Prototyping on paper also allowed us to elaborate on raw ideas and make fast changes to our user flow based on research. 


We designed an intro screen with an animation to entertain kids to “Click Play” and start the game.


This was the entry point for every user and they enjoyed the video/animation before starting to play. 


We created a system that allowed us to use the color of fruits and veggies as teaching elements for colors and the names. 


For us, this was our first run at the color matching game which turned into the “fruits & colors” matching game and the reception from the children was immediate.


Using the fruits, colors, and character, we were able to create a memory game to allow kids to use subjects within this setting. 


To build different levels of difficulty, we set up gameplay where the kids could feed the farm animals by dragging fruits or veggies into the mouth of the animals. We tested this and adjusted difficulty levels based on children feedback.


We created an "end" of every gaming cycle, where kids would get to a rewards “pause” where could pick a gift, play a song and dance with Juana la iguana before starting a new round.

Game Architecture

USER Test, Child!

We tested our products on a weekly bases just about anywhere. We drove to local schools that allowed us to test the app in classes. We tested the app with our family members and also in some parks and playgrounds.

This allowed us to college "in real life" feedback from younger kids, which were the main audience for this product.

One of the best things I took from user testing with children was their honesty. I have never seen users be so blunt and honest if my career. There thinking fast and brutal and as a product designer, sometimes that's what you need to move the product forward and continue to iterate to improve. 



Juana iOS App

The Impact

As a small team, we were able to launch a kids app within six months, and everyone contributed to at every step of the way.  We were able to get the product to feature in the apple store as a top new app, and the feedback from parents was very positive. 

Many of the parent we interviewed shared with us that their children were picking up enough words in Spanish to carry full conversations. They were also able to learn colors, numbers and the names of all fruits and veggies.