Hyp3r Desktop

HYP3R is an award-winning location-based marketing platform that unlocks the power of geosocial data. HYP3R enables businesses to unlock us data to acquire and engage high-value customers.


The marketing technology behind this software empowers brands to take action on the social behavior of their customers on-location, in real-time—rather than after they’ve left the venue.



Jorge Suarez


Drove product strategy and planning for the product MVP to deploy, and test at SXSW. Provided user insights to align team's collective efforts and supported product adoption initiatives with local business. 

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Rey Hernandez


Led engineering in our small team to build the native web, iOS mobile, and AppleWatch app fro Hyp3r.  Implemented critical features for the application based on the architecture of the projects.

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Justo Garcia

Senior Product Design

Designed Hip3r's first Desktop app, iOS mobile, and AppleWatch user interface and created design systems to enable fast prototyping and idea testing.  Populated user feedback and prioritized based on our needs to develop the MVP within three months.

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The broader audience for Hyp3r were primarily the hospitality industry, as well as restaurants, and other small business that rely on social media to engage with their audiences. 


  • MVP within three months

  • Deploy product at SXSW

  • Desktop, iOS mobile

  • Validation


  • Short timeline

  • Limited staff/resources

  • Social Media API

  • Testing w/ real businesses

GRID & CARD Design


GRID & CARD Design


GRID & CARD Design


Social CARD Design

CARD Final Designs

Hyp3r Desktop

The Outcome

Our team came together and delivered a fully functional MVP within a three-month sprint. We were also able to support iOS and Apple watch shortly after. 


We were also able to acquire users (hotels, restaurants and small business) and collect critical feedback to help us shape the product and all features.


Our users well perceived the design of the desktop app and the value proposition of a tool that could help businesses readily engage with their audience, in real time, was a success.